3 Ways to Get Your Folks (or Anyone) to Use MySudo

Jun 28, 2022 | Privacy Tips

You use MySudo. You love MySudo. You might even be a MySudo power user (that’s a thing). And now you want to get your folks – and everyone in your circle – using and loving the all-in-one privacy app too. Here are 3 simple ways to do it:

  1. Frighten them with the facts.
  2. Invite them to join you on MySudo via the app (or another app).
  3. Get them to use Sudo handles for FREE end-to-end encrypted comms with you.
  1. Frighten them with the facts.

Tell your folks and everyone you know that when they go online, they face real risks to their privacy and security. Web sites we browse and buy from collect, store, share and sell our personal information – like name, age, address, phone numbers, Social Security number, credit card details, credit history, web searches (think medications or legal advice) and spending habits (think every place you’re purchasing from and how much you’re spending). They use this data to: 

  • personalize ads
  • set higher prices
  • control the content we see
  • influence our purchasing and even political decisions. 

Data brokers help the process by packaging up our personal data onto lists and selling them for huge profit too. For example, your email address on a list of people with a particular medical condition such as diabetes would be worth about $80 and on a list of a particular class of traveler about $250

Even governments can see what we’re doing online.

But it’s not only privacy that’s at stake. Security is too. Companies can get caught in data breaches, where the highly sensitive data they store about us is lost or stolen. 

Criminals can use our stolen information to commit credit card fraud, identity theft and more:

•          Internet-connected computers are attacked every 39 seconds in the US. 

•          45% of Americans have been caught in a data breach in the last five years. 

•          3.5 billion people had records exposed in the 15 biggest data breaches of this century. 

Get your folks to read:

The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism (Or, Whatever Happened to my Internet Free Will)

How Data Brokers Find and Sell Your Personal Information

Shocked or Not: Your Bank is Selling Your Personal Data

14 Real-Life Examples of Personal Data You Definitely Want to Keep Private

9 Reasons Why Data Privacy Matters

What is a Data Breach?

And maybe they’d like to watch the April 10, 2022 episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, for a startling look at data broking, the US $200 billion, unregulated industry that’s virtually impossible to control or avoid.) 

Invite them to join you on MySudo via the app (or another app).

It’s easy to invite your folks or any other person to join you on MySudo. Our new ‘Invite a friend’ function is now available for iOS and Android.

You can choose to invite your contacts from your device via another app or from your MySudo account and, once they’ve joined, all voice and video calls, texts and email between you will be end-to-end encrypted

Find out the steps for inviting a friend to MySudo here.

Once you’ve invited a new contact, they will receive a link with your MySudo contact information (emailhandle and phone number if you have one), which will prompt them to install MySudo. When they have the app installed, they can instantly start communicating with you. Remember, all video and voice calls, texts and emails between MySudo users are end-to-end encrypted

You can also share your Sudo information as an electronic file (known as a vCard). Find out how. And on Android, you can also send an invite from your contacts list and from the Sudo switcher (your list of Sudos). This feature is coming soon to iOS.

Get them to use Sudo handles for FREE end-to-end encrypted comms with you. They don’t even need to subscribe to a monthly plan to do it.

If your folks are on social media, they’ll know about handles, the nicknames we use because they’re fun and easy to remember. Once your mom and dad are both onboarded to MySudo and using our starter plan, SudoFree, they will have up to 3 handles to: 

  • enjoy FREE end-to-end encrypted voice, video and group calls with other MySudo users (like you), without needing a phone number
  • easily share their Sudo contact details and make it easy for others to recall how they can contact them via MySudo 
  • compartmentalize (separate or silo) their various communications by Sudo, to powerfully protect their personal information (e.g. have a dedicated Sudo for online shopping, one for booking travel, another for family and friends communications etc.).

Our starter plan, SudoFree, would give your mom and dad Sudo digital identities each and a handle for each Sudo (plus a secure email address per Sudo, unlimited messages and minutes for Sudo-to-Sudo comms per Sudo, and a private browser per Sudo). They could use one Sudo handle to communicate with you and other family, one for their work or hobbies, and another for anything else they enjoy, like booking travel or online shopping

Ask your folks to read:

5 Ways to Make Best Use of Your 9 Sudos (9 Sudos are available to subscribers of our top plan SudoMax)

What Do I Get With the SudoFree Plan?

If your folks still aren’t sure, give the even bigger picture.

Maybe your mom or dad would say they have privacy settings enabled on their iPhone. Tell them that is a great start, but they should definitely read this:

Even With All Privacy Settings Maxed on Your Apple Devices, You Still Need MySudo

If your folks, like most people, are super busy and say they don’t have time for privacy apps, point them to this article:

See How a MySudo User Applies the App to Their Busy Life

If your folks know their personal phone numbers and email addresses are already all over the internet because they’ve used them to sign up and download everything, they might find comfort in this article:

How Sudos Can Give You a Second Chance at Digital Privacy

If your mom or dad asks, “What’s a Sudo?”, tell them it’s a core capability of our products here at Anonyome Labs. A Sudo is a secure, customizable digital identity or ‘profile’ that intentionally differentiates from your personal identity and protects your personal data. 

A Sudo isn’t a ‘burner’ or fake ID—it’s a real, alternative identity that you can use anywhere your personal identity is required. Your Sudo profile is a secure stand-in for your personal identity, and it’s entirely under your control. You create the Sudo profile and manage it. You can have up to 9 Sudos in MySudo, depending on your monthly plan.

If your folks say they’re not great with technology, show them this quick video:

Learn How to Use MySudo in 90 Seconds

If your folks start to love MySudo, ask them to think about upgrading to a monthly plan. 

They’ll get all the detail they needs to decide which plan and privacy capabilities suit them best here:

What Do I Get with the SudoFree Plan?

What Do I Get with the SudoGo Plan?

What Do I Get with the SudoPro Plan?

What Do I Get with the SudoMax Plan?

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