Learn How to Use MySudo in 90 Seconds

Oct 8, 2020 | Use Cases

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we’re excited to present our new MySudo explainer video.

In 90 seconds, learn why data privacy is a massive global problem and understand the world’s only all-in-one solution—MySudo.

MySudo gives you privacy and control of your personal data, online and off. It’s the only app on the market that offers private and secure phoneemailbrowsing and payments all in one place.

And in case you missed anything, here’s the transcript:

When you use your personal phone number and email

Everywhere you go

You leave a trail of data

That leads directly to you

And makes it easy 

For companies to spam you

And criminals to scam you.

The alternative is MySudo — the world’s only all-in-one privacy solution.

With MySudo, there’s no data trail.

Instead you create Sudo profiles.

Each one can have a working phone number, email, browser and virtual card.

You give your profile a purpose, like shopping, selling or services.

Now every time you talk, text, email or pay, use your Sudo profile instead of your personal information.

Your details are secure since you haven’t shared them.

We won’t even ask for a username or password to set up MySudo. 

Search the internet without ads and pop-ups using the private browser.

Pay online with your virtual card without worrying about tracking or hacking.

Call, text, and email anyone without giving up your private details.

And if they use MySudo too, all your communications are end-to-end encrypted. 

There’s no better way to privately and securely:

Buy this.

Sell that.

Book this.

Search that.

Get this.

Or call them.

Get privacy and control, with MySudo. The world’s only all-in-one privacy solution.

Don’t wait. Download MySudo for iOS or Android today.

See all the privacy features packed into MySudo.

It’s never too late. Learn how MySudo gives you a second chance at digital privacy.

Discover exactly what constitutes personally identifiable information or PII (your personal data at risk every day).

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Download Mysudo

Plans start at USD 0.99 a month.
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Download Mysudo

Plans start at USD 0.99 a month.
Try SudoFree today.

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