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MySudo Virtual Cards Are Here—Making the Safest Way to Live Online Now Even Safer

Every time you go online, you leave a trail of personal information that data brokers and criminals can scoop up like candy.  Every purchase, every new account or subscription, every web search, every social media post puts you at risk of having your money stolen or your life invaded.  —You see a string of mysterious […]

The 5 Big Benefits of Using the Private Email in MySudo

Your personal email address is a pot of gold to companies, data brokers, and cybercriminals.   The companies want to obtain your email address to reach you directly with tailored ads and marketing messages so they can funnel you faster to their product offerings. The data brokers want to sell your email address (and all your ‘digital exhaust’) to companies for the exact same reason. A single email address is worth $89 to a brand over time. The cybercriminals want to use your email address to […]

Why Your MySudo Virtual Card is More Private than a Bank’s Virtual Card

In an earlier article , you learned the seven top privacy benefits when you use MySudo virtual cards: You stay private online. MySudo virtual cards are not linked to your name, age, address, phone number, SSN, or any other identifying information, so your private data stays private.  Your spending habits can’t be tracked. The charges you make with your […]

All the Privacy Features Packed into MySudo App

MySudo is the only app on the market that gives you private phone, text, email, browser, and virtual payment cards all in one app.   Recently, we told you about MySudo’s strong privacy and security features, how Sudo digital identities protect your personal identity, and how using MySudo helps you silo and secure your personal data and stay agile and resilient online—all important proactive cybersecurity strategies in the face of the […]

The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism (Or, Whatever Happened to My Internet Free Will?)

When you watch a magician perform, you probably wonder how they manage to pull off the tricks or illusions before your very eyes. This wonder adds to the entertainment value, and comes partly from a technique called misdirection. Misdirection is a planned set of actions and language used to focus your attention away from what makes an […]

Why Logging In With Google Or Facebook Is Never a Good Idea

There’s a tempting login option online called ‘social login’ which allows you to access a third party website using your existing social account IDs.   You’ve seen the buttons: ‘Log in with Google’ or ‘Continue with Facebook’ (or Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn).  It’s tempting to hit those buttons to save the bother of creating yet another account—and remembering or storing yet another username and password—but when you do, you’re really trading your personal information for […]

Shop for Your Next Car with MySudo

Thinking about buying a car? Use the private browser to search for the perfect car then communicate with sellers or dealerships with your Car Shopping Sudo’s phone number and email address to keep your communications organized and secure. 

We All Wear Many Hats in Life. Using Sudo Digital Identities is the Same Thing

Here’s a clever way to think about how Sudo digital identities work in your life: each Sudo identity is like a different hat.  We all wear many hats in life. We might wear the employer or employee hat, the business owner hat, the family hat, the friend hat, the soccer mom or dad hat, the college student […]

Plan a Wedding Using MySudo

MySudo can be used to help you plan even the most special events in your life. Stay in control of your personal information while communicating with those who will help make your special day perfect. Start your next chapter off right with MySudo.

8 Strong Privacy and Security Features You’ll Find in MySudo

MySudo is a feature-packed privacy app. In fact, it’s the only privacy app on the market with private phone and video calling, text, email, browser, and payments all in one app.  Add in the strong security features embedded into the app design, and MySudo is a comprehensive tool for anyone concerned about their data privacy.  How does […]

Your Best Cybersafety Strategy Is To Be Agile and Resilient: Here’s How You Do It

Picture a large and intricate spider’s web: hundreds of sticky threads, tightly and strategically woven into cross-hatched lines, poised to ensnare unsuspecting prey. Now picture the Internet: billions of tightly and intricately woven connections from the 4.57 billion humans and 25 billion‘things’ now online (which will roughly double in the next 10 years), poised to ensnare unsuspecting prey.  […]

Organize the Roles in Your Life Using MySudo

In today’s world we have many roles. MySudo helps you organize the many aspects of your life while protecting your personal information safely and securely, no matter what role you’re in.

How to Use a Sudo for Situations Like Moving into a New Home

Meet Patrick. He’s selling his home. This is a short-term life situation for Patrick and he’s hoping he’ll be settled in his new home very soon.  When Patrick begins the sales process, he uses his personal Gmail address and his personal mobile phone number as part of his profile for a range of services: house […]

How Sudo Digital Identities Protect Your Personal Identity

When an application, like a dating site, requests personal information from its users, it is in a good position to obtain (or supply to a data broker) a broad spectrum of personally identifiable information (PII) about a user. This PII can divulge highly sensitive information about a user, such as home location, medical details, personal finances, employment […]

MySudo for Android is Here

Mysudo for Android is now available in the Play Store as of May 14, 2020. Have an Android device? Check out MySudo, the secure and private way to navigate the digital world.

Group Messaging in MySudo

Now that MySudo is available on Android, you can enjoy Sudo-to-Sudo messaging and calling with even more of your friends, family, and contacts! Sudo-to-Sudo communications on MySudo for Android and iOS are end-to-end encrypted keeping your conversations private and secure!

How Sudos Can Give You a Second Chance at Digital Privacy

Think about this: given the extent of the global data privacy crisis, your personal phone number and email address are probably already compromised beyond repair. It’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?  To get the idea, you’ve only got to look at how you use your personal information online, and what happens to your data once […]