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MySudo Virtual Cards Are Here—Making the Safest Way to Live Online Now Even Safer

Every time you go online, you leave a trail of personal information that data brokers and criminals can scoop up like candy.  Every purchase, every new account or subscription, every web search, every social media post puts you at risk of having your money stolen or your life invaded.  —You see a string of mysterious […]

How Your Sudo Profiles Are Like Your ‘Stunt Doubles’

Every great movie star has a stunt double, right? You know, the other guy they send in when the risks are real and the stakes are high? Stunt doubles take the fall so the real star doesn’t have to. So here’s the thing: when you use the MySudo app, the world’s only all-in-one privacy solution, you get […]

Encryption in MySudo: A Deep Dive on How We Keep Your Data Safe

Encryption is one of the main technical features that preserves a MySudo user’s control over their personal information and protects that information from unauthorized use. The encryption in MySudo is powered by the Sudo Platform services working in combination with the Sudo Platform SDKs built into the MySudo application.  Encryption is the act of encoding data to render it unintelligible […]

The 3 Big Benefits of Using the Private Browser in MySudo

If you feel a bit like a puppet on a string when you use the Internet, it’s probably because you are.  The companies you’re engaging with, and the data brokers and advertising technology companies they’re engaging with, are pulling your strings to heavily influence the ads you see, the social media content you’re shown, even the major decisions […]

Manage Your Business with MySudo

Are you carrying around a second phone for your business? Or using your personal phone number for your business communications? Manage your business by providing clients, colleagues and/or vendors with your Sudo number. Use your Sudo info on business cards, online professional networking websites, or anytime your info is requested.Enjoy the benefits of having a […]

Use MySudo for Your Merchant Loyalty Cards

Do you love taking advantage of the benefits from merchant loyalty cards but hate providing your personal email or phone number in order to participate? Use MySudo and sign up for those cards without using your personal information.

Where Do I Start When it Comes to Personal Privacy?

If this is a question that has gone through your mind, don’t worry: you’re not alone. According to the Cisco Consumer Privacy Survey, 43 percent of survey respondents don’t believe they can adequately protect their personal data and, according to the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of Americans think the potential risks of having companies collect data about them outweigh the benefits those […]

The Most Private Way to Use MySudo Virtual Cards

Privacy is primarily about the freedom and ability to exercise control over access to your personal information. In your online activities, two great principles for controlling your privacy are: Share no more information than is required to get the outcome you want while acting lawfully. Compartmentalize your online activities to avoid your data being correlated and tracked across your […]

Selling with MySudo

Selling something on a website can be effective and convenient but it can also put your personal information at risk. Using MySudo can mitigate that risk and provide a safer way to sell items online.

What is Digital Exhaust and Why Does it Matter?

Just as engine exhaust is residue from using a car, digital exhaust (or data exhaust) is residue from using the Internet.   Digital exhaust is all the information or ‘consumer data’ a person creates as they interact with web sites and services.   Let’s take you, for example. Your digital exhaust might include your name, phone number and email address, your credit card number, your billing and shipping […]

The 7 Big Benefits of Using Virtual Cards in MySudo

We all know using a credit card online is risky business. In fact, using any of our personally identifiable information (PII) online is risky business, but let’s stay focused on finance for now. Credit card fraud is the most common type of identity theft. By 2023, worldwide payment card fraud losses are expected to exceed $35 billion. In 2018, in the United States, a fraudulent credit card use […]

How to Set Up Your Bank Account with MySudo Virtual Cards in 3 Simple Steps

A MySudo virtual card is like your personal credit or debit card, with far less risk.It’s not associated with your personal identity or your personal credit or debit card number, so you’re protecting your private information and limiting your financial risk. If you haven’t used MySudo virtual cards yet, you can learn about them in this article.  One […]

The 6 Big Benefits of Using the Phone Numbers in MySudo

You know how it goes: You fill in a survey. You give your name and phone number, sometimes even your zip code. Then the phone starts ringing. You’re a marketing lead for the company whose survey you now wish you’d never filled out. Then others start calling you … it’s like they’ve been given your number or bought it […]

The 5 Big Benefits of Using the Private Email in MySudo

Your personal email address is a pot of gold to companies, data brokers, and cybercriminals.   The companies want to obtain your email address to reach you directly with tailored ads and marketing messages so they can funnel you faster to their product offerings. The data brokers want to sell your email address (and all your ‘digital exhaust’) to companies for the exact same reason. A single email address is worth $89 to a brand over time. The cybercriminals want to use your email address to […]

Why Your MySudo Virtual Card is More Private than a Bank’s Virtual Card

In an earlier article , you learned the six top privacy benefits when you use MySudo virtual cards: You stay private online. MySudo virtual cards are not linked to your name, age, address, phone number, SSN, or any other identifying information, so your private data stays private.  Your spending habits can’t be tracked. The charges you make with your […]

All the Privacy Features Packed into MySudo App

MySudo is the only app on the market that gives you private phone, text, email, browser, and virtual payment cards all in one app.   Recently, we told you about MySudo’s strong privacy and security features, how Sudo digital identities protect your personal identity, and how using MySudo helps you silo and secure your personal data and stay agile and resilient online—all important proactive cybersecurity strategies in the face of the […]

The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism (Or, Whatever Happened to My Internet Free Will?)

When you watch a magician perform, you probably wonder how they manage to pull off the tricks or illusions before your very eyes. This wonder adds to the entertainment value, and comes partly from a technique called misdirection. Misdirection is a planned set of actions and language used to focus your attention away from what makes an […]