The 5 Big Benefits of Using the Private Email in MySudo

Your personal email address is a pot of gold to companies, data brokers, and cybercriminals.  

The companies want to obtain your email address to reach you directly with tailored ads and marketing messages so they can funnel you faster to their product offerings. The data brokers want to sell your email address (and all your ‘digital exhaust’) to companies for the exact same reason. A single email address is worth $89 to a brand over time. The cybercriminals want to use your email address to deceive you into giving them your personal information, particularly your passwords, banking details, and Social Security Number. Globally, phishing emails cost victims $17,700 every minute.  

So you can see the problem: your email address (and phone number) mean big business at your expense—unless you stop it, and you can do that by using the private and secure email accounts in MySudo app (plus the working phone numbers, private browser, and virtual cards, which together make up your secure Sudo digital identities). 

Let’s look at 5 big benefits of using the MySudo email: 

  1. You avoid the spam and scams. If you’re not using your personal email address, and are instead using the Sudo email address, your personal email account stays free of spam and scams. What’s more, if your Sudo email account is caught in a data breach, you simply delete the Sudo profile it’s attached to and move on. There’s no risk to your personal email because you didn’t use it, and there’s no inconvenience from setting up a new personal account and communicating it to your personal contacts. 
  1. You alleviate the risk of overusing your personal information. When you set up a Sudo profile for a particular purpose (e.g. online shopping), you choose the dedicated email account you’ll use for that purpose (e.g. creating accounts, signing up for deals and discounts, receiving order confirmations). You’ll also choose other alternative identifiers (e.g. name, phone number, and virtual payment card) that are different from your personal identifiers. In this way, you break the links that would otherwise exist between data points about you online, and leave nothing of value for the data brokers to sell or the cybercriminals to steal. This highly effective approach to data protection is called compartmentalization or ‘not putting all your eggs in one basket’, and MySudo email helps to make it simple.   
  1. Your email is secure. All data stored on the MySudo cloud is encrypted. Only you (and not even the makers of MySudo, Anonyome Labs) can read your stored emails. And all Sudo-to-Sudo email (as well messaging, voice, and video calling) is end-to-end encrypted. 
  1. It’s quick to set upDownloading the app and setting up your Sudos for your FREE 14-day trial is easy. You’ll have at least 3 real, alternative email accounts within minutes (or nine different email accounts if you choose the SudoMax plan).  
  1. It keeps you organized. One of the benefits of compartmentalizing your digital life is organization: you can create a different Sudo for everything you do online (e.g. Travel, Selling, Socializing, Car Shopping). In fact, users are finding MySudo indispensable for its easy-to-understand, intuitive way to organize their information—and for the strong trust it gives them across the digital world.  

Oh, and here’s another benefit we’ve talked about before: MySudo email and phone numbers give you a second chance at privacy. Think about it: if, to date, you’ve used your personal email and phone number to sign up for every site and service you use, those pieces of data are now ‘out there’ and compromised beyond repair. The solution is making a fresh start with MySudo. Get it on iOS or Android. 

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

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