How MySudo Lets You Control Who Sees Your Personal Info Online and in Real Life

Mar 21, 2024 | Privacy Tips, Use Cases

Guess what? Despite the soaring rates of data breaches and scams, you don’t have to be a sitting duck for criminals.

MySudo gives you complete control over where you use your personal information on the internet and in real life.

Think of every service and retailer you interact with daily. Does every one of those organizations need to know every piece of personally identifying information about you in order to offer you a service or make a sale?

Do they need to know your legal name, for instance, or your personal phone number and email address? Do they really need your credit card or bank account number or your Social Security Number?

Whatever piece of your ID information they’re asking for in order to sell you something or sign you up for something, ask yourself: do they really need it? Almost always the answer will be NO.

Let’s look at an example for a guy called Tom Jones.

Tom wants a pizza delivered on a Saturday night. Does the food delivery service really need to know the order is going to Tom Jones (actual name) at [actual address] with [actual phone number] and [actual email address] using [actual credit card]?

No. All that DoorDash (or whoever) needs to know is Tom’s actual address so they can drop the pizza at Tom’s front door. They don’t need any other information about Tom to complete the transaction.

Here’s the rub: You do not have to give out your personal information to everyone who asks for it. You can choose who gets your private details every single time you’re asked.

To do it, download MySudo all-in-one privacy app and set up the Sudo digital identities to suit how you live your life. Follow the 4 Steps to Setting Up MySudo to Meet Your Real Life Privacy Needs.

Within each Sudo is an option for an alternative name (nickname), phone number, email address, handle, and virtual card* for payments, plus a private browser.

When setting up your Sudos, make one of them your “throwaway” Sudo. This is the one you’ll use for everything that doesn’t legally require you to be “Tom”. Loads of use cases fall into this “throwaway” category including food delivery services as we’ve covered—plus, ride share apps, hairdressers, mechanics, restaurant maître de and digital menus, plumbers and other home maintenance services, real estate agents, car dealers, gyms, and most any other apps and everyday service you can think of.

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By using your throwaway Sudo for those everyday services, you’re protecting your personal information that matters: your real name, email, phone number, credit card etc. It’s this data that brands sell and criminals steal.

And here’s another tip: Sooner or later that throwaway Sudo will become heavily populated with junk and spam, so you might want to occasionally delete it and create a new one.

Or you might want to create two Sudos in the “throwaway” category: one that is for the total junk from random sign-ups and one-off services you really don’t care about long-term (e.g. that boat hire company on your vacation), and another for services and sign-ups you’re happy enough to retain (e.g. hairdresser and plumber). This is where you really unlock the benefits of compartmentalization, the most powerful data protection strategy on the planet today.

Final tip? Once you’ve set up MySudo app, download the MySudo Browser Extension so you can easily autofill your Sudo details directly from your web browser into food delivery web forms and other sites you visit, and switch between Sudos with ease. Learn more.

So, you can see you actually have a choice about whether or not you put yourself at risk of being tracked and scammed. If you don’t give out your personal information in the first place, it can’t be abused.

MySudo is a privacy app that’s all about consumer control. Use it to protect yourself in an increasingly risky world.

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