The 6 Big Benefits of Using the Phone Numbers in MySudo

Aug 3, 2020 | Features

You know how it goes: You fill in a survey. You give your name and phone number, sometimes even your zip code. Then the phone starts ringing. You’re a marketing lead for the company whose survey you now wish you’d never filled out.

Then others start calling you … it’s like they’ve been given your number or bought it off a list. They have. Unsolicited calls keep interrupting your day. 

You wish there were a way to engage with companies and one-off contacts without losing control of your peace and privacy. There is. Use the working phone numbers in MySudo. 

The mind boggles at the potential benefits, right? Let’s have a look at 6 of them:

1. The numbers are real, unique, working phone numbers in area codes or geographies you select. Numbers are currently available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can use the Sudo phone number for voice calling or SMS messaging with anyone, even if they don’t have MySudo. Each phone number has customizable voicemail, ringtones, and a contacts too.

2. Get multiple numbers quickly and use them for short or long term activities. Users can provision different phone numbers for each of their Sudo profiles. These can be used across various activities like selling on classifieds, work, to online dating. Whether the use case is short term like selling an item once or more long term such as for work, MySudo has you covered.

3. You can mute the notifications of a number you no longer want. Sudo phone numbers are dedicated phone lines you usehow you like, separate from your personal number. When youdowant calls and messages to a particular number (e.g. realtors), you maintain the number and always know the context of those incoming contacts. When youdon’twant calls and messages (e.g. those pesky telemarketers), you can turn off notifications for that phone number or delete that particular Sudo*.

4. The MySudo plans are a good value. To add a phone number to your Sudo, you sign up to a plan, which start from only 0.99 USD a month. If you join the top plan, called SudoMax, you get nine different phone numbers, unlimited encrypted Sudo-to-Sudo messages, voice, and video communications plus unlimited Sudo-to-nonSudo SMS messages and call minutes. See all plans.

5. The numbers fool the spammers. Spammers think they have your personally identifiable details—they don’tthey have the details of one of your Sudo profiles. And that makes all the difference to your privacy and security online (and off). Use the Sudo phone number any time you’re concerned you might receive spam and nuisance calls (e.g. when filling out those surveys, signing up for services, or entering your phone number at the store checkout for points). 

6. The numbers give you a second chance at digital privacy. Given the extent of the global data privacy crisis, your personal phone number, email address, credit card number are probably already all over the internet (e.g. with all your account logins) and compromised beyond repair. It’s an interesting thought that we explore here.

* Deleting a phone number or its Sudo does not refund your entitlement for that phone number.For example, SudoMax plan provides nine phone numbers total lifetime in the account, as opposed to always allowing up to nine phone numbers concurrently. Once used, the only way to get another phone number is to purchase a line reset.

If you’re wondering how we keep MySudo secure and private, head here.  

If you’d like to know how MySudo is your best bet for proactive cybersafety, read this and this.

And if you want a clear picture of what data brokers and advertising technology companies are doing with your personal data, like your private phone number, go here.  

Or, simply download the MySudo app in iOS or Android and get started immediately—and manage unsolicited calls or texts on your terms! 

Photo by Marília Castelli on Unsplash

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