What Do I Get with the SudoGo Plan?

Feb 28, 2022 | Features

SudoGo is the name of our basic monthly plan for the all-in-one privacy app MySudo

SudoGo is for those who want to take their data privacy further than SudoFree

SudoGo is a feature-packed plan. It comes with:

3 Sudo digital profiles

At the core of every MySudo plan is the Sudo, a secure, customizable digital identity or ‘profile’ that intentionally differentiates from your personal identity and protects your personal information

SudoGo gives you 3 separate Sudo digital profiles. Learn all about the Sudo.

Plus MySudo privacy and security capabilities

To each of the 3 Sudos in SudoGo, you can assign:

  • A secure email address per Sudo, with a total 2GB storage (that’s an extra GB of storage over the starter plan, SudoFree) – Use the email addresses to email anyone and, if they’re a MySudo user too, your emails will be end-to-end encrypted.
  • handle per Sudo – Handles are a useful alternative to a phone number for all Sudo-to-Sudo end-to-end encrypted messages and video, voice and group calls. Handles are flexible and easy to remember.
  • Unlimited messages and minutes for Sudo-to-Sudo comms per Sudo – There’s no limit on the amount of voice, video or group calls you make or messages you send to other MySudo users. 
  • private browser per Sudo – The private browsers let you search the internet without ads and pop-ups. They block ads and tracker cookies by default, and let you compartmentalize your browsing by Sudo (which is the world’s most powerful data privacy strategy).

The biggest upgrade with SudoGo is that you also get:

  • Sudo phone number to 1 of your Sudo profiles – This number lets you call and message anyone, and get end-to-end encrypted voice, video and group calls and messages with other MySudo users. Phone numbers are available in a choice of locations, and each one comes with customizable voicemail, ringtones, and a contacts list. You might use your phone number with your Shopping Sudo, for example, to open store accounts, receive shipping updates, and call customer service. The Sudo phone number means you don’t have to hand out your personal phone number and end up on telemarketers’ lists or part of a data breach.
  • 100 Sudo-to-non-Sudo messages a month
  • 30 mins of Sudo-to-non-Sudo talk time a month
  • contact management, which enables you to add and manage contacts within each Sudo (compartmentalization) and keep them separate from your device contacts.

SudoGo monthly plan costs USD $0.99 a month or USD $9.99 a year. Compare plans.

Subscribing to a monthly plan also unlocks MySudo virtual cards.* 

A MySudo virtual card is like a financial avatar. You use it instead of your personal credit or debit card to complete online transactions without leaving behind your personal information. You protect your privacy, stop tracking, and limit your financial risk. Virtual cards are only available on iOS and in the US, but they’re *coming to Android and other locations soon. Read all about virtual cards on our blog.

On SudoGo, you would get 3 virtual cards (1 per Sudo) if you access this feature.

We hope you enjoy SudoGo but, if you want more, check out our other monthly plans.

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Plans start at USD 0.99 a month.
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