Privacy, wherever technology takes you

Today, so much of our lives are managed online, requiring personal information in exchange for access. Quickly create profiles called Sudos, and finally take back control of the information you share, whether you’re shopping, socializing, browsing, or anytime personal information is required.

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Create your Sudo

Use your Sudo for sign-ups, downloads or anytime you need to provide a phone number and/or email address

Name your Sudo

for easy identification

Select your phone number

from an area code that you choose

Set up your email

with a handle you create

Talk, text, email, browse and pay all in one app

Why MySudo was created

Life is better without spam, ads based on activity, hacked info, or risk of identity theft. The exposure and risk are real - but avoidable with your Sudo.

The current problem

We all manage many online accounts. And when we use the same user information like name, email and phone number to access these accounts they become linked together.

If just one of these accounts gets hacked, all your other accounts and their associated data are now also at risk of being compromised.

The MySudo solution

When you use a Sudo profile, you break the link between your online accounts and the personal information associated with you.

Even if one of your accounts gets hacked, the rest of your accounts are not affected.

How to use MySudo

Create a Sudo

Create a new Sudo with a custom phone number and email address. Name your Sudo, for example, “Selling”.

Share your Sudo info

When potential buyers ask for your contact info, use this new, working Sudo phone number and email address.


Send and receive calls, texts and emails with potential buyers from MySudo. Calls you receive from buyer prospects will be clearly designated that they are coming from your “Selling” Sudo for easy recognition.

Create a Sudo

Quickly set up a new shopping Sudo with a custom phone number and email address to take advantage of coupons and discounts. Name this Sudo “Coupons” and start keeping all your online perks in one place.

Share your Sudo info

When shopping with in the private browser and prompted for an email address for 10% off your first purchase, use this new Sudo email address and/or phone number to sign up. Get the benefit of merchant rewards without clogging up a personal inbox.


Access all your online rewards and coupons from one convenient inbox within MySudo to view and use when you choose to.

Create a Sudo

Set up a Sudo for getting your new wheels with a custom phone number and email address. Be sure to set a name for your Sudo.

Share your Sudo info

When you are researching cars online and need to contact the dealer for a quote, provide them with your Sudo phone number and/or email address. You can also of course provide your Sudo information when you're at the dealership to send you follow up car quotes and info.


Send and receive calls, messages and emails with the car dealer on your terms. Calls and messages received will be clearly designated they are coming into your MySudo “Car Shopping” account for easy recognition.

Create a Sudo

Create a Sudo for your small business, allowing you to easily separate your business life from your personal life. Select a custom phone number and email address, and label your Sudo.

Share your Sudo info

When your clients, colleagues and/or vendors need your email and phone number, provide them with your Sudo profile information. Use your Sudo info on business cards, online professional networking websites, downloading white papers or anytime your info is requested.


Send and receive calls, messages and emails with all your business contacts on MySudo. Say goodbye to needing two cell phones to manage multiple phone lines. Calls received will be clearly designated they are coming into your MySudo “Freelance” account for easy recognition and organization.

What our customers use it for

Privacy by design

We take the protection of user data seriously. When you download MySudo, you’ll notice that we don’t ask for an email address or password to create an account. Instead, your account is protected by a key that never leaves your device. We only ask for personal information when you opt-in to features that have regulatory restrictions we must follow, such as Virtual Cards.

Read Our Privacy Shield Statement.

Encrypted cloud

All metadata stored on our cloud is encrypted. Meaning no one, not even us, can read any users' communications. Only the user holds the unique encryption key, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe and secure.

No registration or login

We never require registration login or a password. Simply access your Sudos from your smartphone app without worrying about login and passwords. You can also create an iTunes or iCloud back up of your MySudo account which can be imported to use on multiple devices.

End-to-end encryption

Sudo-to-Sudo messaging, calling, video, and email are always encrypted meaning even if someone accessed your communications, they would never be able to decode them.

We're privacy for the good guys

Privacy and safety are our guiding principles. We are committed to working with government agencies if evidence of illegal activity by a user is brought to our attention. We investigate all reports where MySudo may have been misused.

People love using MySudo

“Can’t live without it. I don’t understand how I manage to survive without this app, it is absolutely indispensable."
“So easy! I thought this app was so easy to use and It’s so awesome to have an avenue for creating a secure identity account! Good job! I would recommend!"
“Awesome!!! Easy to use and private! Win win!!!!"
“Should be in everyone’s phone. I love this app! Mysudo is a must have in this age when all these companies are buying and selling out information."

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