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Complete control.

MySudo lets you

safely and securely.

Meet MySudo: Everything WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were meant to be

MySudo Welcome Screen

Calls without walls

  • Call In and Out of network. Call In-network free, forever.
  • End-to-end encrypted calls. We can’t listen in.
  • Create multiple phone numbers and personal identities.

Messages you own

  • End-to-end encrypted texts & emails that we can’t read.
  • Set and send self-destructing text & video messages.
  • Edit or delete messages you've already sent—any time.

Control without the fine print

  • 100% private. End-to-end encryption ON by default.
  • Zero attribution. No ads, logins or passwords.
  • We don't know who you are and never mine your data.

Personal identities

MySudo puts you in control. Create unique personal identities to call, text, and email safely and securely. Take control of your privacy and safety with a tailored Sudo for every aspect of your life.

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Secure communication

Text, call and email privately and securely with end-to-end encryption. Enjoy robust security features, even when communicating with contacts who don’t have MySudo.

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Their platform. Your privacy.

Shop online on your terms, without having to fight pop-up ads, email spam and intrusive merchant marketing. MySudo puts you in control for a more safe and private online shopping experience.

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Private browsing*

Search confidently with our built-in private browser. Whether you’re planning a vacation with Airbnb, comparing insurance rates, or scouring WebMD, your private information always stays private.

*Coming soon
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Safe selling

Sell your sofa online, not your identity. Create and use a custom MySudo email and phone number to safely buy and sell on sites like Craigslist and eBay.

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Better work/life balance

Stop carrying two phones. Create and manage unique contact information—phone numbers, voicemail, email addresses—in one app.

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All the features you love.
Together for the first time. Ever.

No other calling, messaging and email apps offer these combined features.

  • Custom personal identities
  • Zero knowledge and zero attribution
  • No registration or login required
  • No ads and no data mining
  • End-to-end encrypted voice calling (app-to-app)
  • End-to-end encrypted video calling (app-to-app)*
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging (app-to-app)
  • End-to-end encrypted email (app-to-app)
  • Out-of-App calling, messaging & email
  • Built-in private web browser*
  • Web-based application*
*Coming soon
Privacy Safety Security
in one simple app

Over 1 million Sudo Identities created worldwide, and counting

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*Limits and rates may apply to SudoOut calls and texts.

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