The internet stole your privacy.
Now you can take it back.

MySudo is your private identity for the digital world.


What is a Sudo identity?

Sudo identities are a digital extension of you that shield your personal and private information from strangers, corporations, and the rest of the online world. They are controlled and managed by you, and can be temporary or permanent.

Create unique Sudo identities for every aspect of your life. Each custom Sudo comes equipped with a name, email, phone number and private browser—so you can talk, text, email and browse safely and securely.

What you can do with your Sudo...


Search and browse privately on any search engine using your Sudo.


Avoid data breaches and credit fraud by shopping with your Sudo.


Keep your number and contact info safe when selling with your Sudo.


Control access to your personal information when you socialize with your Sudo.

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Sudo identities created worldwide

Why people love Sudo

4.5 / 5

Makes my job so easy

I am a consultant and have to speak to clients regularly. This app gives me the freedom to contact them outside of the office without giving them my personal information. I love Sudo!


Interact while ensuring privacy

I love that I can use my Sudo number for online sale ads! I no longer worry about giving my private info. Sudo makes it easy to interact online and by phone while ensuring my privacy and safety!


You couldn’t ask for a better app

Where was this years ago? This is a business owner’s, consultant’s, surf on the internet dream. Thank you SUDO. Don’t change a thing.


100% private. Forever.

  • Zero ads

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Zero knowledge

  • Zero attribution

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