MYSUDO Browser Extension

Accessing your Sudos just got easier

With the MySudo Browser Extension, you can now autofill and easily access your secure Sudo information on your preferred desktop browser.

Step 1:

Choose and download your preferred browser extension here:


Step 2:

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Step 3:

Scan the QR code on your computer screen to pair with MySudo

Step 4:

Pin your browser extension for easy access to your MySudo credentials

Easy desktop setup

Follow these 4 steps to install the MySudo Browser Extension:

Choose and download your preferred browser extension here:

Open the MYSUDO app on your mobile device:

Tap: Menu > Link browser extension

Scan the QR code on your computer screen to pair with MYSUDO

Pin your browser extension for easy access to your MYSUDO credentials

Not available for mobile devices.

Privacy meets convenience

Integrating MySudo into your life has never been easier. Now, you can shop conveniently and privately by autofilling your Sudo information from the MySudo Browser Extension.

Effortlessly access your Sudo credentials on your computer

Maximize the power of compartmentalization and privacy. Organize and protect your online activities by autofilling your MySudo information on your computer instead of your personal information.


[com•part•men•tal•ize] – verb

Compartmentalize your online activities with ease using the MySudo browser extension. Organize your digital life and protect your personal identity by autofilling your Sudo information on your computer when shopping or signing up for things. Save your personally identifiable information (PII) for family and close friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension, or a plug-in, is a software component that enriches a web browser’s capabilities. These add-ons introduce new features or functions, enhancing user experience. From security aids like ad-blockers and password managers to productivity tools such as note-takers and translators, extensions offer tailored web experiences within the browser.

Is MySudo browser extension safe?

The MySudo browser extension delivers secure and private browsing by creating unique ‘Sudos’ or digital identities. This feature masks your personal details, offering a safer approach for online transactions and form completion. For optimal safety, keep the extension updated and practice safe browsing habits.

Does MySudo browser extension work on mobile devices?

The MySudo browser extension is not currently available for mobile devices. However, future updates plan to include this feature to provide users with a seamless browsing experience across all devices. Stay tuned for further developments.

Why would I want to use MySudo browser extension?

The MySudo Browser Extension provides a privacy-focused solution for web browsing. It creates ‘Sudos’ or distinct digital identities in the MySudo mobile app, each with unique emails and phone numbers for different online tasks. This compartmentalization hides personal data while browsing and provides enhanced security. If you prioritize internet privacy and a seamless online experience, consider the MySudo browser extension.

Which browsers work with MySudo browser extension?

The MySudo browser extension is engineered for compatibility with Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Would this autofill digital wallet Cards?

No, the current MySudo browser extension doesn’t support autofill for digital or virtual cards, focusing instead on ‘Sudo’ details like name, email, and phone numbers. For updates, refer to the MySudo website or contact customer support.