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Shop for Your Next Car with MySudo

Thinking about buying a car? Use the private browser to search for the perfect car then communicate with sellers or dealerships with your Car Shopping Sudo’s phone number and email address to keep your communications organized and secure. 

Plan a Wedding Using MySudo

MySudo can be used to help you plan even the most special events in your life. Stay in control of your personal information while communicating with those who will help make your special day perfect. Start your next chapter off right with MySudo.

Organize the Roles in Your Life Using MySudo

In today’s world we have many roles. MySudo helps you organize the many aspects of your life while protecting your personal information safely and securely, no matter what role you’re in.

How to Use a Sudo for Situations Like Moving into a New Home

Meet Patrick. He’s selling his home. This is a short-term life situation for Patrick and he’s hoping he’ll be settled in his new home very soon.  When Patrick begins the sales process, he uses his personal Gmail address and his personal mobile phone number as part of his profile for a range of services: house […]

MySudo for Android is Here

Mysudo for Android is now available in the Play Store as of May 14, 2020. Have an Android device? Check out MySudo, the secure and private way to navigate the digital world.

Group Messaging in MySudo

Now that MySudo is available on Android, you can enjoy Sudo-to-Sudo messaging and calling with even more of your friends, family, and contacts! Sudo-to-Sudo communications on MySudo for Android and iOS are end-to-end encrypted keeping your conversations private and secure!

Using Virtual Cards in the MySudo App

We live in an increasingly changing world and the digital nature of this world leaves us vulnerable. MySudo powerfully protects your identity online & now we protect your personal credit card information too. Reclaim control of your privacy.

Dating with MySudo

Dating can be tricky! Make It Easier By Using MySudo

Data Privacy Day

Learn how to manage your privacy and safeguard your data with MySudo.

Holiday Shopping With MySudo

Take advantage of all the holiday deals without having to deal with all of the holiday spam. Create a shopping Sudo, sign up for all the deals you want, and then when the holidays are over you can delete it. No annoying notifications, and no unsubscribing needed.

Find your perfect getaway using MySudo

Use your Travel Sudo to securely browse and book flights, hotels, and exciting experiences. Get the best deals and coupons without sacrificing your personal details.

Safely sell your stuff with Sudo

Selling items online is convenient, but can also feel risky. MySudo is a great tool for selling your old couch, bike, iPhone online or other items, while staying safe and secure.

How I Use a Privacy App in the Real World

It’s frustrating and somewhat concerning that so many websites, apps and companies have you provide your full name, email address, phone number and other personal information in order to create an account or utilize some service. […]

Date Safely using the MySudo Private Browser

Use your custom and secure Sudo email address to sign up for dating services. Browse the web privately and shop securely for your next date without being tracked.

Selling with MySudo

Create a Sudo just for selling on sites like Craigslist. Communicate with potential buyers privately, separately, and safely. 

The MySudo Private Browser for all of your Shopping Needs

Organize your browsing activity by Sudo. Discover more of what you love and find the perfect accessory for your big date with the MySudo in-app Private Browser.