What is a Sudo?

Oct 20, 2020 | Privacy Tips

A core capability of our products here at Anonyome Labs is the Sudo—a secure, customizable digital identity or ‘profile’ that intentionally differentiates from your personal identity and protects your personal data

A Sudo isn’t a ‘burner’ or fake ID—it’s a realalternative identity that you can use anywhere your personal identity is required. Your Sudo profile is a secure stand-in for your personal identity, and it’s entirely under your control. You create the Sudo profile and manage it. 

You can create and use one Sudo or many

Products built using Sudo Platform, like MySudo, can enable single or multiple Sudo personas. MySudo allows users to create one Sudo profile to use for a specific purpose (e.g. online shopping) or many Sudo profiles for an even more sophisticated approach that opens greater possibilities for protecting your personal identity. The enormous benefit of multiple Sudo profiles is they enable compartmentalization which adds an extra dimension to how you can protect your personal data.

Have you already downloaded MySudo? It’s is the only privacy first application allowing for multiple Sudo profiles, each with private phone, messaging, email, browser and virtual cards enabled. You can create up to nine different Sudo profiles in the app and use them for different purposes and activities online and in-person (e.g. online shopping, arranging travel, and booking local services like hairdressers and plumbers). MySudo is the world’s only all-in-one privacy app and one of its greatest selling points is that it makes siloing and protecting your personal data simple. 

In this data-driven world, you need Sudos

When you use your personal phone number and email everywhere you go online and off, you leave a trail of data that leads directly to you and makes it easy for companies to spam you and criminals to scam you.

But with MySudo, you control the data trail, because you’re using Sudo profiles. You assign each of your Sudos a real working phone numberemail, and virtual card for online purchases, plus you get a dedicated private browser for searching completely ad and tracker free.

You give each of your Sudo profiles a purpose, like shopping online, selling second-hand goods, or booking local services. Then every time you talk, text, email or pay, you use your Sudo profile information instead of your personal information. Your own personal details are secure since you haven’t shared them—we won’t even ask for a username or password to set up MySudo. 

Sudos in MySudo allow you to:

  • Search the internet without ads and pop-ups using the private browser.
  • Pay online with your virtual card without worrying about tracking or hacking. 
  • Call, text, and email anyone without giving up your private details. 
  • Get end-to-end encrypted talk, text, video and email with other MySudo users.

Sudo have heaps of privacy and safety benefits

  • Sudos powerfully protect your personal information and, as we said, they make compartmentalization (or siloing and protecting) your personal data easy.
  • Sudos are entirely private to the user.
  • Sudos are built with market-leading, strong privacy and security features.
  • They shield your digital exhaust from trackers and hackers. Indeed, Sudos stop the data tracking, known as surveillance capitalism, which is the wheelhouse of modern marketing.
  • Sudos are a great way to organize your life (e.g. separate work from social, or family and friends from new contacts).
  • Sudos give you a secure, private alternative to logging in with Facebook or Google or using any other social login option (never a good idea).
  • Sudos can give you a second chance at privacy when your personal phone number and email address are already compromised or you suspect they might be.
  • Sudos help you to stay agile and resilient to avoid data breaches and data abuse.
  • They’re a great place to start on proactively protecting your data privacy. 
  • Sudos really act as a stunt double for you and your highly sensitive and valuable personal information.
  • Sudos are purpose-driven, so they can be short-lived or long-lived. 

Short-lived Sudos are usually for transactional activities, such as buying and selling in a marketplace. Once you’ve bought the bike or sold the antique dresser, for example, you no longer want or need to interact with the stranger with whom they made the deal. The same applies in the dating world: until you feel comfortable about your new friend, you might not want that new friend having your personal phone number or email address. A Sudo dating persona is a sensible personal safety measure. Another example is travel ticketing and insurance for a particular trip. Once you’ve taken the trip, you might no longer want to keep those ongoing communications or details.

Long-lived Sudo applications on the other hand are for cases where both the service provider relationship and the need to maintain records relevant to that relationship endure for work. Examples are a networking Sudo for all work events and new client contacts, or a banking Sudo for securing and managing personal finance.

Bottom line? Sudos are flexible and a revolutionary data privacy tool. Learn more about MySudo, the world’s only all-in-one privacy app.

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Download Mysudo

Plans start at USD 0.99 a month.
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