All the Privacy Features Packed into MySudo App

Jul 24, 2020 | Features

MySudo is the only app on the market that gives you private phone, text, email, browser, and virtual payment cards all in one app.  

Recently, we told you about MySudo’s strong privacy and security features, how Sudo digital identities protect your personal identity, and how using MySudo helps you silo and secure your personal data and stay agile and resilient online—all important proactive cybersecurity strategies in the face of the worsening global data privacy crisis. 

But, are you aware of everything you get when you download MySudo? Heres the complete list of features on both iOS and Android 

  1. The phone numbers 

Let’s start with the feature that excites most users: the phone numbers. 

Depending on your plan, each Sudo profile you create in the app can have its own phone number. You select the area code and location for each number.

With your Sudo phone number you can:  

  • receive voice calls 
  • make voice calls 
  • set up voicemail 
  • set up custom ringtones 
  • add contacts 
  • send SMS and MMS texts.  

All Voice and messages (and video calls) with other Sudo users are always end-to-end encrypted 

  1. The email addresses 

If you use your personal email and phone number to set up and access all your online accounts (which most people do), they are already compromised beyond repair. Those two key pieces of your personal data are all over the Internet and forming a clear picture of you and your highly sensitive personal information, which data brokers use for profit, advertising platforms use to control the content you see, and criminals can steal.  

The point then of your Sudo email is that it’s a private and secure email address to enter when accessing web sites and services. Combined with your Sudo phone number, it gives you real, alternative login credentials to use instead of your own.   

You can have up to nine email accounts and unlimited storage in the app. All emails you send to other MySudo users are completely end-to-end encrypted. 

  1. The private browser 

MySudo has a separate private browser for each Sudo.  

There are two big benefits here: First, your browsing is totally ad and tracker free, which means you avoid ads and spam, particularly when researching sensitive subjects like a new job or a medical condition. 

Second, you can organize your browsing history, bookmarks and tabs by Sudo (e.g. Work Sudo or Health Sudo) so you can easily return to your search results and silo communications about your topic (e.g. new role opportunity or clinical trials) within that Sudo profile. You can open links in text messages and emails on the MySudo browser too.  

  1. The virtual payment cards (coming soon to Android) 

MySudo virtual cards are designed to keep your online payments private and secure.  

A MySudo virtual card is like your personal credit card, with far less risk. Think of it as a financial avatar that you use online in place of your personal credit card and completes transactions without leaving your personal information. Virtual cards offer many benefits: 

  • You stay private online – MySudo virtual cards do not have to be linked to your name, age, address, phone number, SSN, or any other identifying information, so your private data stays private.  
  • Your spending habits cant be tracked – The charges you make with your MySudo virtual cards are simply described on your bank statement as ‘MySudo transaction’, so your data isn’t worth much to your bank or the data brokers that your bank sells your transaction data to.    
  • You keep your money safer – Each MySudo virtual card represents, but works separately from, your personal credit card, so even if a MySudo virtual card is part of a data breach, you limit your risk.  
  • Set up is quick and easy – A MySudo virtual card takes a minute to create and only seconds to cancel or replace. No bank queues or forms—just a few taps in the app. 
  • You can use MySudo virtual cards just about anywhere in the US – We’ll add more countries and currencies soon. 

5. The handles 

These are a useful alternative to a phone number for using all the private and secure (end-to-end encrypted) communications features in MySudo.

Like all the privacy and cybersafety features in MySudo, handles are about protecting your personally identifiable information (PII) or personal data. 

MySudo is well known for its private and secure Sudo-to-Sudo communications functionality. With your Sudo handles, you can enjoy end-to-end encrypted voice, video and group calls with other MySudo users, without using a phone number.

But in addition to these big four features of the appMySudo also offers: 

  • Encrypted data storage 
  • Password-free login to the app from your device 
  • No need to give us your personal information (unless you must for some features like virtual payment cards, by law
  • Plans from as little as $0.99 a month.  

Start your free trial today.  

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Plans start at USD 0.99 a month.
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