8 Strong Privacy and Security Features You’ll Find in MySudo

Jun 25, 2020 | Features

MySudo is a feature-packed privacy app. In fact, it’s the only privacy app on the market with private phone and video calling, text, email, browser, and payments all in one app. 

Add in the strong security features embedded into the app design, and MySudo is a comprehensive tool for anyone concerned about their data privacy. 

How does it work?

MySudo is based on the concept of a Sudo, a secure alternative (digital) identity. You assign your Sudo its own identity data, like a real email, phone number, payment card (and more), and use that data online instead of your own personal and private information. In this way, the Sudo identity shields your legal identity, and protects you from data breaches, fraud and various forms of abuse.

Since you can create up to nine different Sudo profiles in the app, it’s possible to use a different Sudo for everything you do online across all your activities (searching, shopping, selling, socializing, etc.).  

Why is it useful?

MySudo protects your identity but still allows you to access web sites and services. We all manage many online accounts, and when we use the same user information, like name, email, and phone number, to access those accounts, they become linked together. If one of those accounts is breached, all the other accounts and their data are at risk.   

When you use a Sudo profile instead of your personally identifiable information (PII), you break the links between your accounts and the PII associated with you. Even if one of your accounts is breached, the rest of your accounts can stay safe. 

This categorization and separation of your private data across various Sudos is called compartmentalizationand it’s the most powerful data privacy strategy there is. 

Now, let’s look at 8 strong privacy and security features you’ll find in the app:

  1. Market-leading privacy and security foundation: MySudo is built on Anonyome Labs’ market-leading cybersecurity and privacy infrastructure. It powers outstanding UX and unprecedented data privacy and security, and features: encryption, authentication, key management, secure communication channels, and decentralized trust. For example, all data stored on our cloud is encrypted. Only you hold the unique encryption key. And all Sudo-to-Sudo messaging, calling, video, and email is end-to-end encrypted.
  2. No personal information necessary: We don’t ask for your email address or phone number to register for MySudo or other personal information (except for virtual cards when we must do a one-time verification, by law like other financial products). And you can always access MySudo from your mobile app without a login or password. 
  3. End-to-end encrypted voice and video calls with other Sudo users: Depending on your plan, Sudos come with a working phone number. The phone number allows inbound and outbound calls, voicemail, and has a contacts database. You can call anyone from your Sudo number, even if they don’t have a Sudo. But if they do have a Sudo, you get end-to-end encrypted video chat with those users.    
  4. End-to-end encrypted messaging with other Sudo users: You can send standard SMS messages to any phone using MySudo, whether they have a Sudo or not. But if you’re messaging with other Sudo users, you enjoy enhanced messaging with complete end-to-end encryption, plus group messaging, set and send expiring messages, edit and delete message capabilities, and more. 
  5. Secure email: MySudo gives you up to nine email addresses and unlimited storage. All emails you send to other MySudo users are completely end-to-end encrypted.
  6. Ad and tracker free private browsing: Each Sudo has a separate private browser, which means you can keep your browsing history, bookmarks and tabs separated by Sudo (which might be particularly useful if you’re searching from your medical Sudo, for instance). You can open links in emails and text messages on the private browser and, because it’s totally ad and tracker free, you neatly sidestep the spam.
  7. Private and secure online payments: MySudo virtual cards are designed to powerfully protect online purchases and payments. You can have an active virtual card for every Sudo you create, and they offer a long list of benefits, the biggest of which are that merchants and your bank can’t track your spending habits and you keep your money safer
  8. In-built decentralized identity technologies and standards: Last but nowhere near least, the Sudo concept is on a critical path to making decentralized identity usable for most people. Sudos incorporate emerging decentralized identity technologies and standards. Sudos digital identities will become the innovative alternative to traditional identifiers such as email address, password, and phone number for authentication. Sudos are being engineered to be fully interoperable with decentralized identity technologies as they are introduced. MySudo is incorporating decentralized identifiers, peer-to-peer communications, and payments—with more to come.   

Overall, MySudo is fast becoming indispensable to consumers for its easy-to-understand, intuitive way to organize their information—and for the strong trust it gives them across the digital world. Download the app

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