How Your Sudo Profiles Are Like Your ‘Stunt Doubles’

Sep 14, 2020 | Privacy Tips

Every great movie star has a stunt double, right? You know, the other guy they send in when the risks are real and the stakes are high? Stunt doubles take the fall so the real star doesn’t have to.

So here’s the thing: when you use the MySudo app, the world’s only all-in-one privacy solution, you get to set up Sudo profiles that can act just like your very own stunt doubles. 

And just as a stunt double is a real, alternative actor, your Sudos are realalternative personal profiles. You can give each of your Sudo profiles its own identifiers, including real working phone numberemail, and virtual card, and you can even access a private browser for each of your Sudos too. 

When you want to do anything online (e.g. sign up, download, search or make a purchase), you use the Sudo information instead of your own, which means your ‘stunt double’ Sudo is ‘out there’ on the Internet instead of ‘you’ and your highly sensitive, highly valuable personal information. This has some massive benefits: 

If one of your Sudo profiles or ‘stunt doubles’ (phone number, email, virtual card) is caught up in a data breach or other cybercrime, you can easily delete it* and move on. Cut! This is known as compartmentalizing or ‘not putting all your eggs (personal data) in one basket’.

In fact, this extends to limiting your exposure to data broking and surveillance capitalism too. Using separate Sudo profiles for all the different things you do online (shopping, selling, streaming, socializing, travel bookings, even banking) means you break the data trail that makes it easy for companies to track you, spam you, and even sell your highly sensitive digital exhaust. Every action you take online has become a piece of data that companies use to direct your digital experiences. You see it every day: the ads that pop up across all devices within seconds of a search, in the narrowing set of content you’re shown in your social media feeds, and in the compelling and spookily relevant product recommendations you receive. Using private and secure Sudo profiles limits your exposure to this data-driven activity from the companies you engage with.  

Now you’re really starting to see how Sudo profiles are your stunt doubles, acting on your behalf in high risk digital and even real life situations and taking the fall if something goes wrong. 

You can cast a Sudo stunt double for every role you play online. Imagine the possibilities of these uses: 


Get the special deals without the spam, and privately browse and buy. Use your Sudo to privately:

  • Create online store accounts
  • Get coupons, offers and rewards
  • Research products
  • Checkout and pay 

Family and friends

Keep your private life private. Communicate securely with family and friends. Use your Sudo to privately:

  • Reach out to family and friends
  • Discuss personal details
  • Research sensitive topics
  • Organize life matters

Buying and selling

Buy and sell with strangers without the safety risks. Stay private, from first ad to final sale.

Use your Sudo to privately:

  • Respond to ads
  • Post ads
  • Make pick-up plans or schedule deliveries
  • Pay privately online


​​Sign up and download securely. ​​Get content not cybersafety risks. ​​​Use your Sudo to privately:

  • ​​Create accounts
  • ​​Stream content
  • ​​Pay online
  • ​​Cancel on your own terms


​​Make contact without safety concerns. ​​Stay private as long as you want. 

​​​​Use your Sudo to privately:

  • ​​Create online profiles
  • ​​Join networking sites and events
  • ​​Connect with new contacts


​​Organize your 9 to 5 (and more). ​​Don’t mix business and pleasure. ​​Use your Sudo to privately:

  • ​​Open accounts and profiles
  • ​​Sign up for services, newsletters, and organizations
  • ​​Organize appointments
  • ​​Book gigs
  • ​​Purchase and pay online


​​Keep your business or leisure travel plans together. ​​​Use your Sudo to privately:

  • ​​Open accounts
  • ​​Research travel
  • ​​Book and pay for reservations
  • ​​Receive confirmations and status updates
  • ​​Enjoy memberships and rewards


​​Search without the spam. ​​Explore topics, totally ad and tracker free.

​​​​Use your Sudo to privately:

  • ​​Browse and bookmark
  • ​​Join groups and discussions
  • ​​Buy reports and resources


​​Privately research conditions and medications. ​​Seek support without revealing sensitive information. ​​​​Use your Sudo to privately:

  • ​​​​Organize your health and medical information
  • ​​Explore topics totally ad and tracker free
  • ​​Sign up for trials and special offers
  • ​​Join forums and support groups
  • ​​Pay bills and fees

There are so many ways you can apply your Sudo profiles (or cast your stunt doubles) beyond those examples—think donations, mailing lists, message boards and forums, kids’ gaming accounts, education, hobbies, house hunting, car shopping, sporting memberships, social media accounts, booking local services like plumbers and hairdressers, and more. 

​​Download MySudo app for iOS or Android today, and start to see how stunt double Sudo profiles might make your life safer.

* Deleting a phone number or its Sudo does not refund your entitlement for that phone number. For example, SudoMax plan provides nine phone numbers total lifetime in the account, as opposed to always allowing up to nine phone numbers concurrently. Once used, the only way to get another phone number is to purchase a line reset.

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

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