The 7 Big Benefits of Using Virtual Cards in MySudo

Aug 10, 2020 | Features

We all know using a credit card online is risky business. In fact, using any of our personally identifiable information (PII) online is risky business, but let’s stay focused on finance for now. Credit card fraud is the most common type of identity theft. By 2023, worldwide payment card fraud losses are expected to exceed $35 billion. In 2018, in the United States, a fraudulent credit card use occurred every 3.5 minutes.  

So, what’s the solution? Yet again, the answer lies in being proactive about protecting our personal information, including our bank details, online. MySudo virtual cards can help.  

MySudo virtual cards are a popular feature of MySudo, the most feature-packed privacy app on the market. Combined with the secure email, working phone numbers, and private browser available in the app, MySudo virtual cards powerfully protect your privacy.  

A MySudo virtual card is like a financial avatar. It goes online in place of you and your personal credit or debit card and completes transactions without leaving your personal information. It protects your privacy and limits your financial risk. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits: 

  1. You stay private online. MySudo virtual cards are not linked to your name, age, address, phone number, SSN, or any other identifying information, so your private data staysprivate.  
  1. Your spending habits cant be tracked. The charges you make with your MySudo virtual cards are simply described on your bank statement as ‘MySudo Transaction’, so your spending habits can’t be tracked which means your data isn’t worth much to your bank or the data brokers.    
  1. You keep your money safer. Each MySudo virtual card represents, but works separately from, your personal credit or debit card, so even if a virtual card is part of a data breach, you really limit your risk.  
  1. You choose the funding source. You may have decided to add your bank-issued credit card as a funding source when you first setup MySudo virtual cards. But did you know that you may also be able to use your regular bank account as a funding source? You can do this by using the debit card linked to your savings or checking account that your bank has provided. Learn more 
  1. You can set up a card in seconds. A MySudo virtual card takes a minute to create and only seconds to cancel or replace. No bank queues or forms—just a few taps in the app. 
  1. You can use MySudo virtual cards just about anywhere in the US. We’ll add more countries and currencies soon. 
  1. You reclaim control. MySudo gives you control over your personal information. Privacy matters, and at Anonyome Labs we don’t think being private should mean opting out of online services or hiding from the world. We empower you to be able to determine what information you share, and how, when, where and with whom you share it. This includes your financial details.    

You can have an active MySudo virtual card for every Sudo you create in the app. Download it now on iOS and coming soon to Android. 

Learn more about MySudo virtual cards

Read why we must ask for a funding source to set up MySudo virtual cards.  

Find out why we need to verify your identity for MySudo virtual cards (the only time we ask for your personal information to access a feature of MySudo). 

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