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The 6 Big Benefits of Using the Phone Numbers in MySudo

You know how it goes: You fill in a survey. You give your name and phone number, sometimes even your zip code. Then the phone starts ringing. You’re a marketing lead for the company whose survey you now wish you’d never filled out. Then others start calling you … it’s like they’ve been given your number or bought it […]

The 5 Big Benefits of Using the Private Email in MySudo

Your personal email address is a pot of gold to companies, data brokers, and cybercriminals.   The companies want to obtain your email address to reach you directly with tailored ads and marketing messages so they can funnel you faster to their product offerings. The data brokers want to sell your email address (and all your ‘digital exhaust’) to companies for the exact same reason. A single email address is worth $89 to a brand over time. The cybercriminals want to use your email address to […]

All the Privacy Features Packed into MySudo App

MySudo is the only app on the market that gives you private phone, text, email, browser, and virtual payment cards all in one app.   Recently, we told you about MySudo’s strong privacy and security features, how Sudo digital identities protect your personal identity, and how using MySudo helps you silo and secure your personal data and stay agile and resilient online—all important proactive cybersecurity strategies in the face of the […]

8 Strong Privacy and Security Features You’ll Find in MySudo

MySudo is a feature-packed privacy app. In fact, it’s the only privacy app on the market with private phone and video calling, text, email, browser, and payments all in one app.  Add in the strong security features embedded into the app design, and MySudo is a comprehensive tool for anyone concerned about their data privacy.  How does […]

MySudo for Android is Here

Mysudo for Android is now available in the Play Store as of May 14, 2020. Have an Android device? Check out MySudo, the secure and private way to navigate the digital world.

We Need to Verify Your Identity for MySudo Virtual Cards—Here’s Why

You’re probably wondering why a company that’s setting new standards in digital privacy asks for your personal information when setting up a MySudo virtual card. It’s a fair question, and one we’re happy to answer. We ask you to enter your accurate and up-to-date legal identity information (name, residential address, and date of birth)* for […]

How to Set Up a MySudo Virtual Card in 5 Simple Steps

Ready to shop safely online with the new MySudo virtual cards? Here we walk you through the five simple steps for setting up a card and getting started.  Before we begin, are you on a MySudo paid plan? Only users on a paid plan can use MySudo virtual cards. If you are on SudoFree plan or a Free trial, […]

MySudo Virtual Cards Are Here—Making the Safest Way to Live Online Now Even Safer

Every time you go online, you leave a trail of personal information that data brokers and criminals can scoop up like candy.  Every purchase, every new account or subscription, every web search, every social media post puts you at risk of having your money stolen or your life invaded.  —You see a string of mysterious […]

Have I Been Hacked? How to Tell If You Have A Compromised Account and What to Do About It

Whether it’s a social media account or bank account, it seems that almost everyone gets hacked at some point or another. This article will explain the basics of an increasingly common issue: hacking. It will define the term in the appropriate context, explain how unauthorized users gain access to others’ devices and accounts, and go over some of the most common signs that your resources are likely to have been compromised. It will conclude with a discussion of important things readers should do if they suspect or know that their account was hacked.


MySudo was built to provide you more control and privacy in your everyday life. […]

Pair MySudo with Your Web Browser

Seamlessly transition from your app to your browser to use your Sudos on the web. Check out our new MySudo Web beta!

What is the general encryption method used in MySudo?

Encryption is used extensively to ensure the confidentiality of MySudo user data. […]

MySudo Web (BETA) Known Issues, Notes, and Features coming soon!

The following are some notes and known issues with MySudo Web that we are currently aware of and are working on. […]

What are the benefits of using the MySudo Private Browser?

The MySudo Private Browser enables you to also use your Sudo profile to surf and search the web anonymously. […]