The 2 Things MySudo Does Differently From Most Other Apps

MySudo takes protecting your data seriously, and we do two things differently from most other apps:

1. We don’t ask for your personal information to create an account.

We don’t ask for any of your personally identifiable information, like email address or phone number, when you open a MySudo account. Instead, your account is protected by an authentication and encryption key that never leaves your device.

We’ll only ask for personal information if you opt-in to use our virtual cards feature because we must do a one-time verification of your identity by law. At this time, we will ask you for your accurate and up-to-date legal identity information (name, residential address and date of birth) and verify it with a third party provider, so we can comply with US government regulations to limit the risk of fraud, money laundering and funding of terrorist activities. 

We want to keep our offerings free from the increasing number of criminals who try to use services like MySudo to hide illegal activity. We provide a trusted and responsible service for keeping ordinary citizens safe online, and by verifying the legal identity information of MySudo virtual cards users, we’re weeding out the criminals, who won’t want to provide their personal data through a one-time validation. Learn more here.

2. We never require registration login or a password to access the app

You simply access your Sudo digital profiles straight from the MySudo app on your smartphone. You can also create a backup of your MySudo account and import it to use on multiple devices. See how for iOS and Android.

Both these things we do differently from most other apps stem from our commitment to privacy by design, which is an interdisciplinary, systems engineering approach to privacy management. You can read how Anonyome Labs, the makers of MySudo, applies all 7 of the privacy by design principles

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