College Students: Top 10 Reasons to Use MySudo This Year

Aug 11, 2021 | Privacy Tips

Summer’s over and school’s about to start. These are exciting days for College students, especially Freshmen.

College days can be fun and full, with some worries along the way. 

One thing we don’t want you to worry about is your data privacy and cybersafety while you get busy earning your diploma or degree.

MySudo is the world’s only all-in-one privacy app and a powerful way to protect your privacy online and off. MySudo is the only app on the market that offers private and secure phoneemailbrowsing and payments all in one app, accessed via Sudos—secure digital profiles that work as real, alternatives to your personal data.

The best thing about MySudo is it makes compartmentalizing your personal data easy. But let’s back up a bit here.

You’re probably aware compartmentalization means categorizing and separating your private data to reduce the impact when it is compromised. It’s the world’s most powerful data privacy strategy. MySudo was created on the exact same principle. 

The Sudo at the centre of MySudo is a customizable, secure digital identity that intentionally differentiates from your personal identity and mitigates the risk to your highly sensitive personal data. You can create up to nine different Sudos in the app and use them in any context (more on that later). 

You assign each of your Sudos its own set of attributes and associated capabilities: 

You give each of your Sudos one or more identity attributes that are different from your personal identity. You can make your Sudo identity a little different from your personal identity (e.g. by having only a different phone number) or very different (e.g. by having a different name, email address, phone number, virtual cards, contacts list, etc.). You label each Sudo, and you can even assign a different notification sound to each, to alert you to the context of the incoming contact (you’ll know whether your tutor or your flatmate is calling or messaging, for instance).

You structure your Sudos to achieve the degrees of privacy, safety, organization and convenience you need. For example, you might regard your medical information as more sensitive than your financial information, and your financial information as more sensitive than who you know. You decide what suits you and match your Sudos to your needs.

Sometimes, you might want one of your Sudos to retain some of the benefits of ‘privacy invasive’ searching and tracking online. Health information is a great example. When researching a health condition, you may want some level of tracking in order to preserve your search history, mark favorites, set bookmarks, be offered search results relevant to your previous searching, receive discount coupons for remedies, be offered new research material, or even be referred to doctors or hospitals specializing in your condition. By using a Sudo, you can still have all these benefits, but they’re not correlated to your personal identity.

You can use your Sudos online and off (you could give a Sudo phone number and email address to your landlord, for example, and different ones to your latest blind date). 

Sudos are a useful life tool for managing your privacy and safety, and for helping you to easily recover from a breach if one does occur. Like we said, MySudo offers compartmentalization at its simplest and best.  

Now, as a College student, you might be wondering how MySudo could work for you. Here are 10 ways you might use MySudo.

Compartmentalize by subject

You have a hefty course load and assignments and deadlines for each. You could use your nine separate Sudos to organize and silo your coursework by subject. Sudos are a simple and effective way to keep your notes, activities, search history, contacts and purchases separate for each subject.

Compartmentalize by activity

College life can be hectic, so why not use a separate Sudo for everything you do: 

  • Socializing – It’s great for keeping up with new and old friends and family.
  • Apartment search and flatmate hunt – You might not want to give every person who applies to your ‘room to let’ ad your personal phone number or email. Same goes for your landlord, who lives out of state. Use a separate Sudo for these short-lived or impersonal contacts, until you’re ready to share more personal information. 
  • Dating – We know dating isn’t all heart emojis and chocolates. There are real risks along with the rewards. Personal safety is one of those risks, whether you meet on a dating app or in person. Maintaining a separate Dating Sudo and giving out the Sudo number instead of your own, is a sensible privacy and personal safety strategy that puts you in control until you feel ready to share more.
  • Campus activities – Keep track of all your co-curriculars, like tutoring, book club, sorority or fraternity, and charity work in one dedicated Sudo. 
  • Research and course work – Search privately and securely using your dedicated Sudo private browser because you should get to decide how much or how little ‘privacy invasive’ tracking to let into your life.
  • Buying textbooks and supplies – Shopping is one of the most popular uses of MySudo. You could use a Shopping Sudo to privately and securely:

    • Create online store accounts
    • Get coupons, offers and rewards
    • Research products
    • Checkout and pay. 
  • Managing and participating in study groups – Keep your contacts organized and separate from your personal information. Only share private details when you’re ready.
  • Communicating with faculty – Keep your comms with your teachers organized and separate, so you always know who’s calling or who you’re texting for that deadline extension, right? 

You can probably think of a bunch of other uses too, right?

Download MySudo for iOS or Android and have a great year.

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

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