Why do I Need MySudo?

Jul 14, 2021 | Privacy Tips

MySudo stops businesses from gathering your data and trading it as currency in the thriving digital marketplace. Businesses are using your data to tailor ads directly to you and drive your dollars to their pockets. Even your bank can be in on it. MySudo also cuts data brokers off at the knees and finally returns control of your personal data to you

MySudo stops the data trail that you leave behind every time you go online. When you enter your personal phone number and email to sign up for every account you open and list you join, you leave a trail of data that leads directly to you. This is called your digital exhaust and it’s the same as leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in the woods—someone following the trail will find you. With that data, companies will spam you and criminals can plunder your accounts, steal your identity and more. (Here’s our advice on recovering from data breaches and a frightening look inside the dark web.)

With MySudo, instead of using your personal information, including your phone number, email, and credit card for everything you do online, you use our customizable digital identities called Sudos. You can create up to nine Sudos in the app. 

Each Sudo can have a working phone number, email, browser and virtual card, and a purpose, like shoppingselling or services. Then every time you talk, text, email or pay within the purposes you’ve chosen, you use your Sudo profile instead of your personal information. Your details are secure since you haven’t shared them with any apps or services. And remember, we won’t even ask for a username or password to set up MySudo.

If you’re thinking, how important is privacy anyway? Read how bad the global data crisis really is. And if you’re wondering whether recent privacy moves from Apple and Google are enough to protect you, rush to read this.

What can I do with MySudo?

Using Sudo profiles is the same as wearing different hats in life (business owner, soccer mom, regular traveller etc.). Use cases for Sudos are limited only by your imagination. 

Once you have your Sudos, you can:

Why is MySudo better than any other privacy app on the market today?

MySudo makes compartmentalization simple.

MySudo is built around the powerful data protection strategy of compartmentalization. MySudo makes compartmentalizing your personal data simple

You’re probably aware compartmentalization means categorizing and separating your private data to reduce the impact when it is compromised. It’s the world’s most powerful data privacy strategyMySudo was created on the exact same principle. 

MySudo protects your privacy via Sudos: customizable digital identities

Let’s go deeper into the central concept of MySudo—the Sudo. The Sudo is a customizable digital identity that intentionally differentiates from your personal identity and mitigates the risk to your highly sensitive private data. Learn more about some of the ways you can use Sudos

Each Sudo has its own set of attributes and associated capabilities: 

  • name
  • phone number
  • address
  • email address
  • virtual cards for secure shopping
  • browser profile (all your bookmarks and any cookies that sites set are compartmentalized to the browsing Sudo)
  • notification settings for phone, email and message
  • contacts and more…

You give each of your Sudos one or more identity attributes that are different from your personal identity. You can make your Sudo identity a little different (e.g. by having a different phone number) or very different (e.g. by having a different name, email address, phone number, virtual cards, contacts, etc.). You label each Sudo, and you can even assign a different notification sound to each, to alert you to the context of the incoming contact (you’ll know whether your kid’s soccer coach or your bank is calling or messaging, for instance).

You structure your Sudos to achieve the degrees of privacy, safety, organization and convenience you need. For example, you might regard your medical information as more sensitive than your financial information, and your financial information as more sensitive than who you know. You decide what suits you (and at the end of this article you can see how two of the world’s leading privacy experts use their Sudos).

Sometimes, you might want one of your Sudos to retain some of the benefits of ‘privacy invasive’ searching and tracking online. Health information is a great example. When researching a health condition, you may want some level of tracking in order to preserve your search history, mark favorites, set bookmarks, be offered search results relevant to your previous searching, receive discount coupons for remedies, be offered new research material, or even be referred to doctors or hospitals specializing in your condition. By using a Sudo, you can still have all these benefits, but they’re not correlated to your legal identity.

You can use your Sudos online and off (you could give a Sudo number and email address to your realtor, for example, and different ones to your latest blind date). Sudos are a useful life tool for managing your privacy and safety, and for helping you to easily recover from a breach if one does occur. Like we said, MySudo offers compartmentalization at its simplest and best.  

Listen to how two of the world’s leading privacy experts Michael Bazzell and Justin Carroll structure their Sudos in this episode of The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show: Our Sudo Strategies

Read how our CTO and Co-CEO Dr Paul Ashley explains how to solve the privacy problem using digital identities like Sudos.

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