Are You A ‘Privacy Active’?

Mar 15, 2021 | Privacy Tips

Do you want more privacy? Will you take action to get it? You’re likely to be what Cisco calls a ‘privacy active’. (Spoiler alert: it’s a good thing.)

‘Privacy actives’ represent a new demographic. They’re highly motivated privacy-aware individuals. They care about privacy, are willing to act to protect theirs, and many have already done so. Sound familiar? 

The term ‘privacy actives’ first popped up in the 2019 Cisco Consumer Privacy Survey which found 32 per cent or one-third of respondents were in this new privacy-savvy cohort that is quickly becoming a highly attractive market segment for brands.

So, are you a privacy active?

Think about these questions from the Cisco survey:

  • Do you care about your own data and the data of other people? 
  • Do you want more control over how your data is being used? 
  • Are you willing to spend time or money to keep your data safe? 
  • Is data privacy an important factor in your buying decisions? 
  • Would you expect to pay more for products and services with better privacy protection? 
  • Have you already switched companies or providers based on their data policies or data sharing practices? 
  • Do you favor brands that take conscious, positive steps to protect their customers’ privacy? 
  • Do you believe that how a company treats your data is indicative of how they will treat you as a customer?
  • Would you refuse to buy from a company that you don’t trust with your data?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you’re definitely a ‘privacy active’, which means you’re in the one-third of today’s consumers who care about data privacy, are willing to act to get it, and have already done so. Nice work. 

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Want to go further? Find out why privacy matters, discover the extent of the global data privacy crisis, and see what consumers worldwide are saying about privacy and safety.

Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash

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