The WHY of Privacy in 4 Quick Points

Simon Sinek has elevated WHY to cult status. He says people won’t truly buy into a product, service, movement or idea until they understand the WHY behind it.

Given the severity of the data privacy crisis, we must urgently understand the WHY of data privacy and the apps and tools that help to secure it. 

So, here are 4 reasons WHY you need privacy-first products and technologies: 

  1. Privacy tech (apps and other services) limits the risk your information will end up in a data breach. A data breach is a security event where someone accesses or discloses highly sensitive, confidential or protected information without permission or it is lost. If you think you won’t get caught in a data breach, think again. Data breaches are becoming incredibly common and widespread: 3.5 billion people had records exposed in the 15 biggest data breaches of this century. In just the first half of 2019, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records.
  2. Privacy tech reduces the likelihood of someone stealing your identity or money.
    Consumers lose billions to identity theft and other fraud each year. And while the incidence rate of identity theft is going down, a real threat remains. A ‘brute force’ attack on internet connected systems occurs every 39 seconds and worldwide payment card fraud losses are set to exceed $35 billion in 2023. The data economy and the dark web are thriving, and until privacy regulations enact real change, it’s on the consumer to pursue their own privacy controls. 
  3. Privacy tech stops ad tech and data brokers. Criminals want to steal your money or your identity or both, but it’s data brokers and ad tech that can do the most harm. Companies pay big money to find out what you’re searching and buying so they can try to influence it to their advantage. While some of this data harvesting and aggregation can be positive (e.g. customizing offers and information to your needs), it can also be incredibly negative (e.g. influencing your political decisions or exposing a past you’d prefer to keep private). A huge benefit of using privacy-first products is rejecting the business model that says if you’re not paying for the product you are the product. And don’t even get us started on dark patterns.
  4. Privacy tech helps you to overcome privacy fatigue and protect your fundamental right. You have a fundamental human right to privacy. Your information is yours, and others having access to it is not only invasive it can be severely damaging. But it’s easy to get complacent or battle weary in the fight for data privacy. Relying on privacy tech to help you fight the good fight is not only sensible it’s essential. 

Anonyome Labs got to grips with the WHY of privacy years ago when we envisioned a world where personal data is secure and under the exclusive control of the individual; where people have the tools to create personalized identities that match the context and content they wish to share. To us, being private doesn’t mean opting out of online services or hiding from the world. We empower people to be able to determine what information they share, and how, when, where and with whom they share it. Find out why MySudo app is the world’s only all-in-one privacy solution and the best way to protect your privacy online.

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