We Need to Verify Your Identity for MySudo Virtual Cards—Here’s Why

You’re probably wondering why a company that’s setting new standards in digital privacy asks for your personal information when setting up a MySudo virtual card. It’s a fair question, and one we’re happy to answer.

We ask you to enter your accurate and up-to-date legal identity information (name, residential address, and date of birth)* for one important reason: 

We must comply with US government regulations to limit the risk of fraud, money laundering and funding of terrorist activities

We want to keep our offerings free from the increasing number of hackers, fraudsters and scammers who try to use services like MySudo to hide illegal activity.

At Anonyome Labs Inc., we’re not in the business of encouraging criminals. We’re firmly in the business of providing a trusted and responsible service for keeping ordinary citizens safe online. 

By verifying the legal identity information of MySudo virtual cards users, we’re weeding out the criminals, who won’t want to provide their personal data through a one-time validation.

We verify your information with a third party provider.

Before you can use MySudo virtual cards, we verify your information with third party provider, IDology. IDology stores this data for 15 days. To learn more about IDology see here.

To meet regulatory and compliance requirements, Anonyome Labs Inc. also retains the legal identity information you provide in the Sudo Platform. We use industry standard measures to protect this data.

We only ask for your personal information for MySudo virtual cards.

If you elect to use MySudo virtual cards, we will ask for your personal information. You can use all the other MySudo privacy features—talking, texting, emailing and browsing—without having to enter these details. You can read our privacy policy here, and a refresher on the privacy and security risks we face online here.

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