Concerned Why We Ask for Your Credit Card When Setting Up MySudo Virtual Cards? Read this.

When you create a MySudo virtual card, we will ask you for a funding source for that card. Right now, we accept credit and debit cards as a funding source (we are planning additional funding source options to release to you soon). 

So, you might ask: Why does a digital privacy company want me to enter my credit or debit card details online?

This is a common question for anyone rightly concerned about payment card fraud, identity theft and data abuse. These are insidious crimes, and the risks are growing globally. It’s why we created MySudo (to protect your identity) and just released MySudo virtual cards (to protect your online purchasing).

Here’s the deal:

We must ask you for a funding source for your MySudo virtual card because your virtual card represents, but works separately from, your regular credit or debit card. It’s a financial avatar that goes online in place of you and your regular credit or debit card and completes transactions without leaving any trace of your personal information.

So, when you use your MySudo virtual card to make a purchase with an online merchant, that merchant will charge us (via your MySudo virtual card) and we need to charge you (via your credit or debit card). The online merchant sees only your MySudo virtual card details, and only we see your credit or debit card details.

As with your legal identity information , we retain your credit or debit card details to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. We use PCI DSS Level 1 certified measures to protect the funding source information you provide in the Sudo Platform. 

You can read our full privacy policy here.

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