6 Ways RECLAIM App Helps You Recover Your Info from Companies that Sell it

Jul 2, 2024 | Product

RECLAIM, powered by MySudo, is a new personal data removal service that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you reclaim control of your personal information from the companies that store and might sell it.  

RECLAIM scans your email subject lines and senders to identify which companies have your personal details, such as phone, address, and credit card details, and then gives you instructions for either switching out your personal information for Sudo information or asking the company to delete your data altogether. Sudos are secure digital profiles with phone, email, and payment cards to use instead of your own. You create your Sudos in the MySudo all-in-one privacy app, part of the same app family as RECLAIM. 

Just released in beta, RECLAIM is a great place to start reducing the online exposure of your personally identifiable information and digital footprint, and boosting your data privacy.  

RECLAIM has 6 handy tools built in 

  1. Dashboard – Start here. See your email scan and a first look at who has your data. 
  1. Footprint – Get the complete list of companies that have your data based on your email, and where your information might have been exposed in a data breach
  1. Key insights – Dive into the nitty gritty of what information each company has on you and what they might be doing with it based on their privacy policy and terms of service, which RECLAIM extracts and summarizes using AI.  
  1. Protection Manager – Take the wheel by opting to either protect your data with MySudo or delete it altogether. 
  1. MySudo Protection – If you decide to protect your information with MySudo, follow the steps to switch out your personal details for your Sudo secure digital profile details. 
  1. Deletion – If you opt to ask the company to delete your information, you’d do that here.  

When you start with RECLAIM, head to your dashboard to see your footprint scan and then start reclaiming control. It’s quick and easy, and definitely worth the effort. 

Sign in with Google to reclaim your Gmail account 

The beta version of RECLAIM only scans Gmail accounts. If you don’t have Gmail, there’s an option to share with us which email service you’d like our next release to support.  

Once you log in with Google, RECLAIM will read the metadata of your Gmail messages. Email metadata includes date and time, sender and recipient email addresses, and email subject. RECLAIM does not have access to the attachments or body of your Gmail inbox messages 

RECLAIM works best with MySudo 

Once you’ve regained control of your personal information with RECLAIM, keep up the good work by using Sudos to proactively protect your online presence. Sudos are secure digital profiles with phone, email, and payment cards to use instead of your own. You can sign up for new accounts and services with your Sudo information, not your personal information. You’d simply give companies your Sudo nickname, phone number, email address and payment card details instead of your own. Then, if that Sudo information is hit in a data breach or the company sells it to data brokers for profit, your own information is safe because it’s masked. You might choose to delete the affected Sudo and create a new one based on your personal needs (you have up to nine Sudos in the app). Read: 5 Ways to Make Best Use of your 9 Sudo Profiles. 

So, are you ready to reclaim your information from companies that store and sell it? Try RECLAIM today. 

The MySudo family of apps features: 

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