MySudo’s Group Video Calling

Have you tried the new group video calling capability in MySudo

You can host a group video call between you and up to four other MySudo users at the same time. 

You’ll find group video calls in both iOS and Android versions of MySudo.  

Group video in MySudo works just like it would in Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. In the MySudo app, you simply:  

  • Tap the ‘Phone’ icon. 
  • Select ‘New group call’ at the top of the screen. 
  • Invite up to four MySudo users to the call.  

Group video calls are all end-to-end encrypted, just like every voice call you make to other MySudo users. 

And what’s more, if your group video call gets disconnected due to network interference, you can easily rejointhe call within 30 seconds of being cut off. 

There are so many benefits to using the private and secure phone numbers in MySudo, not least of which is that you can engage with companies and one-off contacts without losing control of your personal phone number and privacy.  

None of us wants the telemarketing and nuisance calls that come from giving out our personal phone number to random contacts. With MySudo, we don’t have to. 

Group video call is just one of the new features we have planned for MySudo, the world’s only all-in-one privacy solution. Look at everything else you get in the app.  

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