6 Reasons to Listen to the New ‘Privacy Files’ Podcast

Feb 27, 2023 | Privacy Tips

Privacy Files is the podcast that makes privacy approachable for everyone. It’s just been released on all major podcast platforms and is sponsored by Anonyome Labs, the makers of MySudo and Sudo Platform.

Listen to Privacy Files now

We might be biased, but here are 6 reasons to get Privacy Files in your ears right now:

Hosts Rich and Sarah lay out the problem of sharing personal data with companies and strangers, particularly the dangers of third parties accessing and abusing your information. Rich and Sarah make it easy for “normies” — those of us who aren’t privacy extremists — to understand the risks of living and leaving your life online.

The show offers actual solutions — a huge difference between Privacy Files and other podcasts tackling the topic of privacy. As Rich and Sarah say, privacy is about taking back control of the information you share and they offer quick and easy steps to achieve it.

Rich and Sarah approach privacy by ‘case files’, tackling one bite-sized chunk of the problem at a time. In this way, they will explore privacy from every angle and offer listeners relevant solutions.

Rich and Sarah start with the basics, giving listeners the simplest and best starting points for improving their privacy and safety online right now.

Privacy Files is pitched at both consumers and businesses so it covers the full spectrum of the data privacy issue and offers concrete solutions for different parts of the problem. It highlights everything from recent bad behaviour from big tech to the global regulatory landscape of privacy laws trying to fix the problem. 

Rich and Sarah welcome industry experts and special guests to take the topic further. Ep 4 features UX designer Brian Tillman, and there are many other engaging interviewees slated for 2023.

If you’re still not sure that you need to listen to Privacy Files, you need to listen to Privacy Files. Privacy online is a defining issue of this decade and we’re riding a privacy wave right now, with some people very concerned about privacy and others not too concerned yet. Some people are willing to pay for extra privacy features in software and apps, while others accept data sharing and don’t want to bother with extra privacy features. 

So, where do you sit on the privacy wave? Jump onto Privacy Files and figure out what privacy means to you. Because, as Rich says when he signs off every episode, “Privacy is a human right.”

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