Apple’s ATT Proves US Consumers Don’t Want To Be Tracked For Ads

Have you seen the headlines? Only about 5% of US consumers want apps to track them across the internet for targeted advertising. 

That means about 95% of US consumers are giving a big thumbs down to cross-app tracking with Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature.  

Since you’re reading this blog on the site of MySudo, the world’s only all-in-one privacy solution, we’re guessing you’re in the 5% camp, right? 

You can watch the daily opt-in rate for cross-app tracking among US consumers and consumers worldwide over at Verizon Media’s Flurry Analytics. They’re monitoring who is saying yes to the privacy question, Do you want us to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites? which now appears when a user opens an app for the first time after the iOS 14.5 update.  

Flurry Analytics says it has aggregated insights across 2 billion mobile phone devices per month. It’s also monitoring the share of users that apps cannot ask to track (‘restricted’ status) in both the US and worldwide. 

We are, of course, going to watch this space. It really underlines how many people are starting to really value their privacy online. We recently asked the question: Do users even want personalized ads? The answer is increasingly, not at the expense of their privacy

We obviously recommend that you answer ‘no’ to the ATT privacy question. Disabling cross-app tracking is good for your privacy.  

You can read our article Apple’s New ATT and Why Facebook Is Pushing Back Hard if you want to understand ATT better. The biggest takeaway for users is that the ATT feature doesn’t stop tracking within a single app (it’s only for cross-app tracking). You still need MySudo to keep your personal data compartmentalized and protected across different services. Watch our 90 seconds explainer.  

Photo By: Alexander Kirch

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