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MySudo was built to provide you more control and privacy in your everyday life. With so much of our world managed digitally we set out to create a tool that would allow you to continue on that path but with increased safety and security. Ultimately with MySudo, we want you to feel more empowered to effectively manage your personal and private information.

We know staying on top of your online privacy and safety can sometimes feel a little daunting. Our mission is to make privacy easy and accessible. So we decided to create a blog space to share tips, tricks, and ideas on how you can remain more secure online and offline.

Stay tuned for information about the latest MySudo features, advice on how to use MySudo to keep your information safe from advertisers, scammers or 3rd parties, as well as general privacy tips. We’ll also be adding tutorials, product comparisons, and the latest in security news and trends.

As always if you have questions or feedback for us, please reach out to our support team by sending an email to or reach out to us on Twitter @MySudoApp.


Mackenzie & Alissa

Mackenzie Kerr
Product Marketing
Alissa Skinner
Product Management