What are the benefits of using the MySudo Private Browser?

The MySudo Private Browser enables you to also use your Sudo profile to surf and search the web anonymously. As a full featured web browser, MySudo Private Browser offers the option to keep your encrypted browsing history, bookmarks and tabs compartmentalized under each separate Sudo profile.

The MySudo Private Browser is a full featured web browser that allows you to explore the web as your Sudo profile, keeping your personal information safe and sound.

The MySudo Private browser allows you to browse privately and securely knowing that your search history and data is securely contained in the Sudo you are browsing from, with no risk of contaminating your browsing experience in another Sudo.  

The MySudo Private Browser allows you to keep your favorite bookmarks contained and aligned to your Sudo profile’s interests and purpose, making bookmark management easy and efficient!  The browser is simple and efficient to use right from within MySudo. Enjoy!

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