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MySudo Web (BETA) Known Issues, Notes, and Features coming soon!

The following are some notes and known issues with MySudo Web that we are currently aware of and are working on.  If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please send an email to


  • The majority of internal testing was done on Firefox, which is the browser we recommend using
  • As we continue to improve session stability and syncing between device and browser, you may see errors with larger amounts of data such as email attachments or high volumes of contacts
  • Some Advanced Messaging (Sudo-to-Sudo) features are not yet implemented

Known Issues:

  • Occasionally session errors may occur. Try refreshing and repairing
  • Currently unable to play video files, send or upload jpg
  • Expiring message received on iOS will start the timer immediately if the thread is open on Web
  • Contacts from one Sudo are not usable by any other Sudos
  • Mark read/unread not functioning properly
  • Color scheme does not match iOS
  • Sudos deleted/edited on iPhone may show up on MySudo Web, but will not be functional
  • Reports of getting logged out when deleting a chat thread
  • Reports of errors while editing/reading a draft on Google Chrome
  • Contacts from your mobile device with only a company name and no first/last name will list only a bold number with the name under it

Features coming soon

  • Ability to attach an inline image to an email
  • Group messaging limitation fixes
  • Message thread background to match MySudo iOS
  • Color scheme to match MySudo iOS