How to Use a Sudo for Situations Like Moving into a New Home

Meet Patrick. He’s selling his home. This is a short-term life situation for Patrick and he’s hoping he’ll be settled in his new home very soon. 

When Patrick begins the sales process, he uses his personal Gmail address and his personal mobile phone number as part of his profile for a range of services: house appraisals, bank financing, scheduling a moving company, working with a realtor to purchase a new home, organizing repair estimates, and listing his property. These are activities and relationships he voluntarily establishes as part of the selling process. 

Unfortunately for Patrick, many of these sites and services collect analytics and can sell his information to data brokers. This results in new and unexpected relationships where Patrick is inundated with new ads and solicitations for services such as pest control, new home repair, mortgage services, TV services, and home security services. Patrick now must deal with this unwanted email, text and voice calling spam. His primary email account and personal cell phone number have now been spoiled by this one transactional situation. (Read how your personal phone number and email address are probably already compromised beyond repair.)

When Patrick sells his house, he considers the relationships he established for the sales process complete. Patrick would like to stop the communications from the services he subscribed to, as well as all the services that came to him unexpectedly. Using ordinary email and phone services, he finds this difficult (if not impossible) to do. 

For Patrick, life would be simpler had he used a Sudo for his home sale. With a Sudo, all the voluntary and involuntary communications would have been collected in the Sudo email address and phone number. Then, Patrick could have simply deleted the Sudo or changed the Sudo’s email address and phone number, instantly freeing himself from his inundation problem. Or, he might have decided to keep the Sudo so he could keep an eye on the offers coming through but keep this communication separate from his personal communications. 

Patrick could also apply this method to credit card numbers, and anything else he manages with a Sudo. By using a Sudo for each relationship and activity, Patrick is in control of what information he provides and when he wants that relationship and communications to end. 

Learn how Sudos offer a second chance at privacy.

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