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Sep 17, 2019 | Use Cases

Selling items online is convenient, but can also feel risky. MySudo is a great tool for selling your old couch, bike, iPhone online or other items, while staying safe and secure. I’m writing this article to illustrate how easy it is to add that needed layer of security when selling to people online you don’t know by using a Sudo profile.

Before going through the step by step process of selling using a Sudo profile, here are some key safety precautions to keep in mind.  Anytime you’re communicating with someone you’ve never met, avoid giving out any of your personal information such as your real phone number, email address, physical address, etc. Phone numbers are the new social security number. Others can learn a lot about you on the internet with only a phone number. Using an alternate phone number can help keep your personal and private information safe from people you don’t know.

Creating a Selling Sudo

I started by creating a Sudo just for selling. I like to keep things simple, so I named it “Selling”. I added a local phone number and created an email address that wasn’t attached to my real name or identity. This Sudo is separate from all of my other Sudos in case I need to delete it.

Creating a selling Sudo

Signing up for Services

I sold my bike using Craigslist, but you could use this Sudo to sell on other services like NextDoor, OfferUp, LetGo, Poshmark, or your local classifieds. We have local classifieds here in here in Utah called KSL. 

I found Craigslist in the MySudo browser in my ‘Selling’ Sudo and created an account using my Sudo email address. 

Using MySudo to sign up for services and receive emails

Next, I set up my online ad. It was easy to move back and forth from the Sudo browser to my Sudo email, and my Sudo card to set up my profile. I confidently entered my Sudo email address and phone number as ways to contact me about my listing.

Selling a bike on Craigslist

Communicating with MySudo 

As inquiries started coming in about my bike, it was nice to have everything in one place rather than switching back and forth between an email provider and a messaging app. I also felt safe knowing that none of these people knew my real phone number or email address. 

I used MySudo’s private messaging and email to communicate with potential buyers. When it came time to finally sell the bike, I dropped a pin to a public location and we agreed on a time to meet. 

Selling safely with MySudo

Hopefully you’ll see how selling safely with MySudo was simple and easy. Now that I’ve completed the sale, I have the option to delete my Selling Sudo, or keep it. I decided to keep it in case I have anything else I would like to sell in the future, but I can rest assured knowing that none of my personal information was ever exposed. If there are individuals that continue to message me, or I’m worried that my Sudo details have fallen into the wrong hands, I can delete this Sudo at anytime for complete peace of mind.

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