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You might think we’re just like all the other private
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MySudo is your safe and private phone, messenger, browser and email platform—in one simple app. This is the only app you’ll ever need to safely, securely and privately interact with people, apps and online services without ever giving up your personal and private information. Now, you can call, text and email anyone, even if they don’t have MySudo.


Complete freedom and control with MySudo

Allows you to call and text other MySudo users and identities – safely, securely and privately. SudoIn is always free!
Allows you to call and text anyone, anywhere, even if they don’t have MySudo.*
Other Networks
Other private communications apps only allow you to communicate within their network, to other registered users.
* Some limits and rates may apply

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Get all the amazing features of the world’s best privacy and control app, free for 1 year.

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*Limits and rates may apply to SudoOut calls and texts.

MySudo Calling & Texting Plans

MySudo offers both SudoIn and SudoOut plans for calling & texting select destinations*. Calls, texts and emails to other SudoApp users are always free.

U.S. Plans
Canada Plans
* Limits and rates may apply to SudoOut calls and texts.

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