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Update to the new MySudo 1.1.0 version!

Thank you for using MySudo! We update our app regularly to improve your experience.

We’re happy to introduce our full-featured MySudo Private Browser. Keep your browsing history, bookmarks and tabs compartmentalized by Sudo. Stay tuned for ad and tracker blocking capabilities coming soon.

Private Browser

  • Find the MySudo Private Browser in the bottom right-hand corner of the navigation tab
  • Open links in text messages and emails on the MySudo Private Browser
  • Tap back and forth between original messages and the web page


  • Compose an email and see your Sudo’s first/last name and email address above the subject field
  • Expand the email header on received and sent emails to see the names and email addresses the sender and recipients
  • Navigate to other tabs in the app when viewing an email and quickly navigate back without losing context


  • Find text message attachment buttons in the paperclip menu when composing a text message
  • Access your device’s photo library when sending a photo from a text message
  • Tap on a notification from a different Sudo and automatically switch Sudos
  • Navigate to other tabs in the app when viewing a text message and quickly navigate back without losing context


  • Swipe right to return to a previous screen (finally!)
  • Find the contacts tab in the left-hand menu
  • Enjoy compartmentalized Sudo contacts when composing an email or text message to prevent accidental communication from the wrong Sudo
  • Enjoy improved functionality and fewer bugs

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